All 'Opera: La Boheme

All 'Opera: La Boheme (12A)

Set in the idyllic 19th century Paris, LA BOHEME tells the story of a love affair between a poor poet and a seamstress. But they are soon faced by the cruel realities of poverty and ill health which ends up putting their relationship to the test. This production of one of opera's classic and unforgettable stories is led by a cast of four talented young artistes as the lovers.

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Wednesday 18 Apr 201819:00
All 'Opera: Don Pasquale

All 'Opera: Don Pasquale (12A)

Soprano Rose Feola takes to the stage in this opera directed by Riccardo Chailly. DON PASQUALE follows an old bachelor who decides to marry and produce an heir to spite his disobedient nephew Ernesto, who wants to marry for love rather than money. But Pasquale's chosen bride isn't who she seems and bears her own secret.

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Tuesday 8 May 201819:00
All 'Opera: Le Corsaire

All 'Opera: Le Corsaire (12A)

LE CORSAIRE follows the swashbuckling adventures of a dashing pirate who journeys across the high seas to save his beloved from the Pasha's harem with danger looming at every turn. With lavish sets and costumes, the choreography mirrors Russian ballet master Maris Petipa's revival from 19th century St. Petersburg. Full of action, passion and a romantic twist form the heart of this unmissable ballet

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Wednesday 6 Jun 201819:00
All 'Opera: Billy Budd

All 'Opera: Billy Budd (12A)

A gripping drama based on the short novel by Herman Melville, BILLY BUDD follows a young sailor who finds himself serving under the repressive regime of master-at-arms John Claggart in the Royal Navy. Unable to bear the goodness that Billy radiates, Claggart becomes determined to destroy him, leading Billy to take harsh actions against his superior. First performed at the Royal Opera House in 1951, this is a fresh and innovative contemporary opera.

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Thursday 21 Jun 201819:00